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turkey meatball salad

A fun way to enjoy meatballs that your trainer won’t shame you for. You’ll love this Turkey Meatball Salad.

By LukeRattue | September 15, 2017

A new fun way to enjoy meatballs in this Turkey Meatball Salad. Yes that’s right, they are made from turkey mince and not beef or pork due to a lower fat content, helping you keep your waistline nice and trim. With summer officially over, it’s time to look ahead and remember what’s coming. December, which…

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Sprint HIIT Workout

How to spice up your HIIT Workouts with sprints

By LukeRattue | August 14, 2017

If you ever want to transform your workout try adding in a bout of sprint cardio before each round like we did here. Including some form of Sprint such as rowing or running will take your typical HIIT workout to another level. It doesn’t necessarily need to be at the beginning, however positioning it here…

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Battle ropes, sandbags, dumbbells and barbells, the 20 minute charge workout to get you fit and toned fast

By LukeRattue | August 7, 2017

After a day at the beach with the kids yesterday, I decided we all needed a workout that would outdo any of our sins. So today we got everything in the gym and used it, a Sandbag, the Battle Ropes, Dumbbells, a Kettlebell and a Barbell to create a tough old workout!  The only thing…

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bodyweight home hiit workout

The ultimate bodyweight home HIIT workout you need to do today

By LukeRattue | July 31, 2017

Sounds good doesn’t it ‘The Ultimate Bodyweight Home HIIT Workout‘ it better be good right. It is I promise.  What’s great about the workouts I share with you here is that they’re all tried and tested with my devoted clients.   Today we welcomed a couple of clients back, one had been away working and…

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high protein egg muffins

Get ready for one of my newest favourite high protein snacks!

By LukeRattue | July 26, 2017

Get ready for one of my newest favourite high protein snacks… Ham and egg muffins! My finance Demi introduced them to me a few months ago as she was looking for ideas for meals for the kids. If you have kids you know how fussy they can be.  I came home one day to the…

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full body kettlebell exercise

Here’s a 20 minute full body kettlebell workout you’ll enjoy, just you and your KB

By LukeRattue | July 24, 2017

It’s been a busy week with one thing or another, my son had his last day at nursery school! I can’t believe hes getting so big, and now he’s off for the summer holidays so we’ll be making the most of this time as a family.   I’m going to try to get as may…

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fitness retreat workout

If you like a challenge, you’ll love this workout

By LukeRattue | July 12, 2017

Please excuse the terrible image, it was 6am and the sun wasn’t coming up for another hour. This workout was one hand picked from our 2017 Fitness retreat. Although we only just broke even, it was pretty fun and we will be doing one again. This workout was one of the favorites from the many…

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how to overcome your weight loss plateau

How overcome your weight loss plateau

By LukeRattue | July 12, 2017

I was training at the gym today and a friend asked for some advice to how she can overcome a weight loss plateau. She said “Luke, I want to lose 4kg what can I do”. Now to give you an idea of what lady is like she’s in her late 30’s possibly very early 40’s…

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workout with battle ropes

Fun 20 minute workout using battle ropes

By LukeRattue | July 10, 2017

Who doesn’t love a battle rope workout or at least a workout that uses these ropes. Love them or hate them they are seriously fun and effective for burning fat, getting lean and getting your burn on.   If you’ve got access to some rope you need to use them more often, don’t be afraid!…

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battle rope buying guide

Battle Rope Buying Guide

By LukeRattue | July 10, 2017

There are quite a few options now when it comes to buying you’re very first battle rope so I’ve put together this simple buying guide based on my experience.   I’m in the UK so products here are all UK sourced.   I started using battle ropes in 2012, I couldn’t wait to get my…

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